taking january SAT's? Sending scores to colleges?

<p>I got 720 in math, 630 reading, 730 writing...</p>

<p>Should i take the SAT's in january to improve my reading score???</p>

<p>How will this look if I send this to my upper-end colleges the scores almost a month after I apply???</p>

<p>The deadline for RD at Harvard is Jan 1st...im not sure if they will accept them or not...will they (anyone)?</p>

<p>bump bump... im curious</p>

<p>harvard, yale, princeton accept january sat, at least that's what it says on their websites. Penn accepts tests retaken in january, so long as you have the required amount of tests done by december, so you're fine. I think Brown takes January sat's as well. Where are you applying? you're best bet is to visit the website, and if your still unsure, call the admissions office and ask them if the january test will get there in time for review.</p>