Taking less credits than full time status yet being full-time

<p>Would this affect me in terms of how med schools look at my application? Right now, I'm taking an emt class sponsored by my university. It's worth up to 6 credits--the only reason why i have full status. AT my school, we have e-credits, like the emt class, which contribute to full-time status but do not contribute to academic credits, and thus my gpa. So only 7 credits will count towards academic credits (and my gpa) and the other 6 from the emt will not count. So when med schools look at this, is it gonna look bad that i took an academic courseload below full-time status, even if i took the EMT class?</p>

<p>Will the EMT class appear on your academic transcript? Or will you have a transcript showing only 7 credits for the semester?</p>

<p>If the latter, that looks bad. Med schools won't care why.</p>

<p>It's just one semester. A few schools may ask, but it won't cost you any interviews.</p>

<p>Yes the classes will show up on my transcript. However, they will be designated as "E" for e-credit. The grades for those classes will also show up. So my other question is if there are grades for this class but those grades don't count towards my university gpa, will they at least count for med school gpa?</p>

<p>Btw, I also came in with about 40 credits. So, taking such a light courseload in terms of credits (not work--these classes are time consuming) won't put me behind in any way.</p>

<p>It would depend on what was said on your transcript, but probably not since they are added to your gap by the grade times the number of academic credits, which is zero.</p>

<p>I called up AMCAS today to double check. They said it does count towards your AMCAS gpa. On my transcript, the course does have semester hours (6 credits) and it is given a grade for that course even though the course is designated as "non-academic
. So the lady for AMSA said that anything with credits and a grade will factor in to the AMCAS gpa regardless of the designation of the class as dictated by my university. Can someone confirm this?
The lady wasn't the best source i felt because she was more involved in the administrative work for AMSA unrelated to work for admissions offices.</p>