Taking Math 21B and 21C together?

<p>i need to take the math 21 series for my major but i got a D+ in Math 21B. i was planning on taking 21C next quarter, but i don’t wanna wait until spring quarter to take it since i’m already behind in my major. i was thinking of re-taking 21B along with 21C next quarter. does anyone have any advice or experience with taking 21B and 21C together?</p>

<p>i doubt many people would have experience doing it, or taking any B and C class concurrently, but it all depends on how confident you are in 21b. if you think you can handle the material in 21c while also retaking a math class, go for it. i don't think anyone here can tell you what you can do... especially since professors vary so widely.</p>

<p>Math is just different from all the other subjects. People pick it up at different rates. I think your D+ in Math is trying to tell you something. I think it's saying that a slower approach to Math will get you to your career goal --- not a faster approach. </p>

<p>The second problem is that the 3 Math 21's are sequential. Limits and differentiation for 21A, integration for 21B, then everything done again in 3 variables starting at the end of 21B and continuing in 21C. </p>

<p>Question: Do you want to be finding the volume of a part of a solid (21C) while you're still wrestling with the area under the curve (21B) that rotates to generate the solid for 21C? My feeling: You get x's and y's under control before you add in z's.</p>