Taking Multivariable Calculus (Calc III) Independently on MIT Opencourseware

Hi, I’m a high school senior who took AP Calculus AB my junior year (that’s the highest math class offered at my HS). I’m now taking AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics this year independently online for credit. My issue is that after already taking Calc AB and getting a 5, Calc BC seems way too easy and math is usually my favorite class. I’ve looked at other opportunities to take more advanced math classes at local community colleges, yet these cost a lot of money and their credits will almost never transfer to colleges out of state (I live in Oregon). I know that MIT has a good Opencoursware class for Multivariable Calculus – although it would not count for any credit. Would there be any tangible benefit (other than getting to learn more advanced mathematics) for taking this MIT OCW class before college? For example, in college could I take a class where Multivariable Calculus is a prerequisite if I can demonstrate that I know it, or could I take the next math class after Multivariable Calculus with a placement test or something (despite not actually getting credit for Multivariable Calculus). Thanks, any advice?

Additional Info:

  • I’ll be majoring in Aerospace Engineering
  • I’m applying to more competitive OOS colleges (i.e. Georgia Tech, Purdue, Cal Poly at SLO, even CalTech and MIT – long shots though)

Many schools provide the opportunity to place out of a class through a test, but I would not recommend doing that based on “taking a class” through watching videos and reading old notes/assignments.

My D has worked through a couple of advanced math courses through MIT OCW, but I would never suggest it as a substitute for a proper class, or to try to place out of college work based on it.

“getting to learn more advanced mathematics” is a good reason to watch them - intellectual curiosity and background preparation. But they don’t equal actually taking a college course as a student, in person, for a grade, IMO.

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Why wouldn’t a multivariable calculus course at a nearby college be accepted for transfer credit, including subject credit?

I would talk to my Guidance Counselor on how the school will pay for you to take Calc3 at the local CC or college.

Fwiw, I used Purdue’s self-service transfer tool and the Calc 3 and Linear Algebra courses at my county CC earn credit for MA261 and 265, two required courses in the Engineering Plan of Study.