Taking only on SAT2?

<p>I am just wondering if it's ok to just one Sat2 on the test day despite signing up for two. I know the money is gone for sure but taking a single test allowed?</p>

<p>sorry for doing this but...........bump</p>

<p>Yep. I did it in October and everything turned out fine. I signed up for Math IIC and US History. I only took US History, left without mentioning anything about the IIC. In the end, the US History was the only one to show up on my score report and everything turned out fine. </p>

<p>By talking with others that have done the same, I'm sure that this is standard practice. Don't worry about mentioning anything to your proctor because most of the time they're just volunteers who really aren't experts and will often give you an incorrect answer to questions about procedure. Also, be sure not to mark anything on the test form about the test you aren't going to take.</p>

<p>Everything will turn out fine. Good luck.</p>