Taking Phys C & Calc BC now, should I do SATIIs May 5 or June 2?

<p>AP Calc BC exam is May 9, and the AP Physics C exams are the next week, May 14th. I need a math and a science subject test for several of the colleges I'm applying to, so I'm taking Math II and Physics, which are the subjects I'm most interested in and are most related to my intended field of study. The material will be freshest in my mind for the May date, but will that be too many tests in a two week period (total of about ten hours of exams)?</p>

<p>I say June, unless you want to also learn thermodynamics before the subject test (or you know it already). Math II doesn't need anything beyond honors precalc (which you probably won't 100% remember), so I would just go for June and spend the month reviewing for those two.</p>

<p>I would take the Math 2 ASAP, since it will only cover Precalc-H material. Keep in mind that the Physics Subject Tests covers a huge array of topics (There are two Physics C courses. One covers only mechanics and the other covers only electricity and magnetism). I would recommend buying a study book to teach yourself optics, nuclear physics, waves, etc.</p>