Taking SAT Subject Tests Before Taking the Course


I am thinking about taking a couple SAT subject tests this fall to supplement my applications. Problem is, I was only able to take 2 AP courses junior year (my school only offers a small handful of AP courses) and neither of them have corresponding subject tests. I’m doing 4 this year (Physics C, Calc AB, Psych, and Lit) but since it is my senior year and I plan to apply EA or ED to a couple schools possibly including Cornell in which I need 2 subject tests, I’m thinking that I would have to basically self-study the courses for the subject tests this summer.

Also for reference I’d probably take Physics, Math 1 or 11, and possibly either Spanish or Literature

Any suggestions/tips from experience/etc?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Math level 2 covers material up to precalculus, so if you are ready to take calculus, you are ready to take math level 2.

Other subject tests cover high school level material and do not require AP level material. For example, if you have taken a good high school physics course (or both AP physics 1 and 2, since each part covers only half of the topics) then you should be ready for the physics subject test.

No AP course corresponds to a Subject Test. An AP course is college material; the Subject Test focuses on HS material.

You’re ready to take M2, since that covers pre-calc. Physics is fine if you has a solid physics course (but not AP Physics 1 which does not cover all the material). As for Lit/Spanish, take a couple of practice tests to see how you score.