Taking SATs while studying abroad

<p>I have a frantic and slightly deranged sister that is going to be studying abroad next year. She still doen't know for sure where she will be going, but it looks like it might be Belgium right now.<br>
She still has not yet taken any of her SATs and she needs three subject tests for the schools she wants to go to.
There are only two possible dates that she will be avilable to take the SATs between now and her departure. I am unsure if she is allowed to take more than one SAT (subject test or original) on one day. If she cannot take the necessary exams in time, how difficult is to take the exams while in Europe, Belgium and France specifically.
Thank you for your help. Hopefully she can now stop screaming at everyone.</p>

<p>you are allowed to take all of your SAT IIs on the same day. what happens is you are given a huge book with all of the SAT IIs and you can choose which ones you want to take. the only ones that you absolutely need to tell the test center about is if you take any language SAT IIs with the listening portion. but, however, you can only either take the SAT or the SAT IIs, since they occur on the same day.</p>

<p>Ok thanks, I can't imagine that she will be thrilled with taking three subject tests consecutively, but that's her problem</p>

<p>but each subject test is one hour, so that is only 3 hours of testing, whereas the SAT I, with all of the direction giving and breaks, cumulates to over 5 hours.</p>