Taking summer break vs. catching up by taking loads of classes

<p>So I am in a dilemma. I a junior and I have not had any summer break. I think I am beginning to feel stressed out by working too hard and I think I need a summer break. BUT if I don't take summer courses, then I will end up having to take analytical chemistry lab, physics 113, microbiology intro, and pharmacy class altogether. 18 credit hours for the quarter. I usually take 12 credit hours max in order to do well.
I have to take analytical chemistry that quarter so that I can finish it before the college switch into semester system.</p>

<p>Is it better to take a break or should I keep going?</p>

<p>i would try to find some way to have a break and don't take to many classes next year. i burned out one time and it is something you do not want to do. you can't concentrate and you are always tired... it will kill your grades if you do not burn out.</p>

<p>JI am in the same situation as you. I haven't had a break since graduating high school. I took two classes last summer (Biology and Chemistry) and now that I've been accepted into Nursing school, I want to lighten the load as much as possible by 8 credit hours (so instead of have 17, 17, and 15 credit hours I will be taking 12, 17, and 12 credit hours).</p>

<p>This summer, I was debating as to weather I want to go full time or part time. I have decided to take Microbiology (5 creds) and Human Development (worth 3 creds) over the summer and only take those two classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. That way, I will have Thursday-Sunday and Tuesday off to cool off and not be burned out.</p>

<p>If I were you, I would take one to two classes over the summer and try to schedule them on two days a week. That way you'll still have a summer vacation but not feel burnt out or unproductive.</p>