Taking the ACT in lieu of SAT II subject tests

<p>I'm from the midwest. I attend a very average high school at which only 3 or 4 seniors that I know of (myself included) will even take the SAT I. I have taken the ACT 3 times my best was probably: 32M 32R 30E 26S (I had 2 30s, but each date I had a track meet (which make me cough for 24 hrs due to asthma) the night before ironically) <--- haha parentheses inside parentheses
My SAT was: 1470 (780m 690v) </p>

<p>I'd rather not take any more tests that I haven't prepared for, UPenn and Yale (the 2 main Ivys that I am considering, partly because of this ACT substitution part) will accept them but I'm not sure if it's really considered equal. I would like opinions as to whether anyone thinks admissions counselors really consider them equivalent.</p>


<p>You probably don't need any more tests, as far as requirments go, but your scores (690v and 30ACT) are on the low side, especially for Yale.</p>

<p>A 1470 isn't on the top for Yale, but it isn't at the bottom either. I have 2 ACT tests with 32s in Reading English and Math, that might cut it. While my verbal is at the bottom of their 50% range, my math is at the top of it. I may just take the SAT IIs.... but idk.. can anyone actually answer my question?</p>

<p>Check with the schools; there are different test requirements. For example, the New England LAC I interview for does not even look at SATIs. Rather, admissions requires an applicant to submit three other test scores, including SATIIs and/or APs.</p>

<p>Is that Middlebury by chance?</p>