Taking the most rigorous course load?

<p>What does this mean?? How do you take the most rigorous course load in high school? All APs?</p>

<p>Takins the most rigorous course load available at your school. So if your school offers, say, 7 APs and 10 honors, you should try to take them all. If your school offers an absurd amount of APs (like mine, we have like 17), then just work as many into your schedule as possible. However, be aware of what a reasonable workload is. It's not worth it to overwork yourself trying to take the most rigorous schedule possible if it leaves no time for ECs or lowers your GPA.</p>

<p>'most rigorous' doesn't mean take French 5, Ap Physics, and all the other maximums at the same time.</p>

<p>It does mean that you should take the hardest class dor whatever you're studying. For example, take an AP or Honors English class than regular.</p>

<p>And if your classes so happen to be the first set, the good luck. Thats what Jr and Sr year look like for many.</p>