Taking the sat fourth time

I took 3 the sat three times in a year and I got</p>

<p>First time: cr:540 math:650 wirting:540
Second time: cr 560 math 710 writing 560
Third time cr 560 math 760 writing 610</p>

<p>During the third time, which was this january test, I was pretty confident I would get
Above 750 on writing and above 600 on reading. But I dont know what happened</p>

<p>I do want to apply for Harvard, Princeton, Mit, Stanford and I have the leadership
GPA, class rank, extracurricylarnactivities, and many APs and duel enrollment classes</p>

<p>I know the scores look ridiculous, did not even cut 2000 for gods sake.
And that is why I want to take it for the fourth time after having quite a time to study (about 5 months) this time. I do not think the attained scores reflect my ability at all.</p>

<p>I will take it for the fourth time regardless of the potential impression that admission officers might have due to the multiple sittings, since the scores are terrible. What do you think? My goal for the fourth time is CR650 math800 writing780</p>

<p>What did you do in between the tests to study?</p>

<p>I finished about 5 practice tests on the blue book between the second and the third one.</p>

<p>Do you guys think taking the SAT fourth time and getting higher scores is better? Or it is better off leaving as it is although it does not quite reach the ivy scores</p>

<p>Seeing as you took the SAT 3 times and your CR score varied by only 10 points ( and only between the first and second test) and your writing score increased considerably by not significantly, I'd say your goal is pretty unrealistic. If you're planning on applying to those schools, then you should definitely retake it because a sub-600 score in CR will look very very bad as well as a very low writing score (for those schools).</p>

<p>Or I suggest you aim at less selective schools</p>