Taking the SAT multiple times?

<p>I took my SAT twice already and i got pretty bad scores since i'm too lazy to study for them. My first score was 1390 and second was 1460. I know i can do better but i'm just so lazy. I'm taking my third test tomorrow (November 5) but i don't expect me to get higher than 1500. But, i plan on studying for a month to prep for the December test. I want at least a 1600+. I'm applying to : CSUN, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULA, UCR, UCI. Is it bad to take the test four times?</p>

<p>Taking the test again is probably not going to help you that much unless you are serious about studying. I've taken the SAT twice, and I'm taking it tommorow again. I didn't study the first time (1780), and I rushed through with about 12 minutes to spare in each section. I took it a second time with a little bit of math review beforehand(2220), but didn't study very much. I've studied for this last test for about a month. In order to do well, you have to know "how to study" in order to study efficiently. One of my friends spent 4 months studying (3 classes), but I only need to study certain subject material. Also, you need to gain a "feel" for the test. if your previous track record shows no sign of actually taking time to study. My recommendation is that you take the test tommorow, try your HARDEST, and hope you did well. Taking the test again is just a waste of money. Hope this helped.</p>

Is it bad to take the test four times?


<p>A lot of people on CC will tell you that it does look bad to take the SAT more than 3 times.</p>

<p>But that's kind of beside the point if you're going to do no better on the November SAT than you have on the previous ones. Your options are to take it again, to try the ACT, or to apply with standardized test scores that you think underrepresent your potential. You've got to pick one of those. Which do you think will portray you in the best light?</p>

<p>But the whole of your post does kind of prompt the question, if you're doing no better than this on the SAT because you're "too lazy to study," are your scores really underrepresenting your abilities? Your ability to succeed in college will depend on both your innate smarts and on your ability to work hard.</p>

<p>There isn't anything wrong with taking the SAT multiple times. In fact, it is recommended that it be taken at least twice. However, if you aren't doing anything serious with regards to improving your score and your just taking it again for the sake of it, there really is no point.</p>