Taking Three Classes

<p>Just wondering if it is considered a bad thing to take three classes one semester of the four years? I’m currently in four now, but have a midterm due on Monday for one of them (honestly, we just got it on Friday). I could technically do the assignment (it’s not too difficult), but I’ve been so busy all semester with extra curriculars that I haven’t done many readings at all and therefore my essay responses will be extremely broad. Personally, I’d be really embarrased to drop it–I only just added the course right before the deadline. Any advice?</p>

<p>Lots of people I know took three last semester. It means you're supposed to take five one semester. Ask people in your hall/your friends about it, they'd be better at walking you through your circumstances than anyone here.</p>

<p>You are required to pass 30 out of 32 classes. That gives you a leeway of a couple of classes, since the recommended load is 4 each term. My D dropped one class last year, so ended up getting credit for 3, because of the reasons you are feeling now. She is currently taking 5 to make that one up, but really didn't need to, because of the buffer. Also, you can consider S/NC earlier in the semester to ease the stress somewhat. There is no shame in dropping a class. People do it all the time. Just examine your reasons for it, and be responsible.</p>

<p>There might be one issue not mentioned here. Insurance companies, if through your parents, may require you to take a "full load". To those insurance companies, a minimum of 4 courses might considered a full load.</p>

<p>I just dropped it. No sense in staying up all night to cram in the paper when I probably won't even learn anything new by writing it. My time is much better spent on reading this really good book for my one English class. Thanks for the advice---and I have my own insurance, limabeans, so no worries there!</p>

<p>And I checked and the minimum number of classes you need to pass first year is seven, so I am good. :)</p>