Taking time off from college?

<p>Hey, I have to write a feature article for my writing class, and I'm doing it on college students who have taken a semester or a year off for various reasons (ie, work, travel, etc). If anyone knows of any student who has taken time off and wouldn't mind answering a few questions for me about their experience, please let me know. Thanks! My email address is free _ heart _ 85 at hotmail dot com. (The spaces aren't in the username, but the underscores are).</p>

<p>I took a year off of school after graduating high school to work in a factory before I went to college...</p>

<p>Don't know if that's what you're looking for.</p>

<p>Yes, that's fine. I'll PM you my list of questions. Thanks!</p>

<p>ive taken time off, would be glad to help.</p>