Taking US and World History?

<p>Would submitting US & World History as taken Subject Tests affect my application negatively? I would really like to take Math 2, but it covers a number of topics that are not in my national (and therefore school) curriculum and Math 1 has a ridiculously unfavorable curve. I have learned Shakespeare's poems in British Literature, but according to research I will probably be better off not taking it (plus I don't even have prep materials or practice tests). Right now it seems my only chances of scoring two tests over 700 are in the Histories.</p>

<p>Am I making a mistake or is it fine?</p>

<p>i guess that depends on where youre planning on applying. most competitive schools which require SAT IIs such as the Ivies expect scores of 700+. Anywhere over 600 is usually considered a decent job anywhere else. i personally took the US history exam in november and was able to score an 800 after taking the AP course my junior year (i did not study for the actual SAT II however). while it was meant to be challenging i definitely think that its easier than the math exams etc considering process of elimination techniques. whatever you decide theres the test books on sparknotes.com under test prep which can prove very helpful if you have the time. remember you can change your test the day of. good luck!</p>