taking year long course in high school over two years

<p>I am interested in taking a student government class at my school, but it does not follow the typical school year schedule. It is from the spring semester to the fall semester instead of fall to spring. I also need my visual arts requirement which is a fall to spring yearlong course.</p>

<p>Would it be bad for me to take an art class in fall semester of Junior year, then student government from spring to fall, then the second semester of the same art class spring of junior year?</p>

<p>My counselor said it is frowned upon by colleges/universities.</p>

<p>Hero is my desired schedule:</p>

<li>AP Chem</li>
<li>AP Stats</li>
<li>AP Calc 2</li>
<li>AP Spanish</li>
<li>English 3H</li>
<li>Art / student government</li>

<p>track after school</p>

<p>senior year:
1. AP Bio
2. AP Psych
3. AP English
4. AP Econ
5. student government / Art
6. Conditioning /Track</p>

<p>Why would this be a problem if it is the only way to fit the two courses into your schedule?</p>