<p>What are they looking for under "Talents/skills that you possess?"</p>

<p>Should I put things like "I can play guitar," "I can cook," etc... or things like "I am a National Merit semifinalist," "I am an AP scholar?"</p>

<p>I dunno, I'm a bit confused here. I don't want to repeat things I've already mentioned elsewhere on the app, but I also don't want to be really lame. Opinions please?</p>

<p>I was more informal with that part. I said I was a movie fanatic, that I sing all the time, that I read and write stories/poetry in my spare time, and I added a joke at the end...</p>

<p>I don't think they want to hear "I'm an AP scholar" etc...it's really just more about you as a person. Could be wrong. I hope not, cos I already sent mine in.</p>

<p>Here's what I put:
-I can play the piano pretty well
-I can recite the Greek alphabet
-I manage my time very efficiently
-I can wiggle my ears
-I remember numbers and foreign languages very well
-I can accurately pronounce Middle English</p>

<p>It wasn't in bullet form, however.</p>

<p>PS- I really can do all of these things!</p>

<p>I put that I'm almost fluent in Spanish and that I'm going to be certified as an EMT in January.</p>

<p>I talked about my horse back riding, since it's not a school sport that was the only place it would go, really. Plus it was my #1 ex. curricular.</p>