Talk Like Yoda

<p>An amazing thread to talk like Yoda, this is.</p>

<p>Very clever, you are.</p>

<p>Walking down the street, I was. See that overlarge camel you were talking about, I did. ;)</p>

<p>Brings all the boys to the yard, my milkshake does.</p>

<p>A huge success, this thread will be.</p>

<p>Delusional in the brain, you are.</p>

<p>^^quite right, you are. Because CCers are nerds, this is.</p>

<p>A dirty skank, Leila is. Bring me the horizon, you shall.</p>

<p>Hilarious, this thread is. Laughing, I am.</p>

<p>So glad that you enjoy this thread, I am. Quite confusing, this is. Rest in peace, you shall, if you do not post in this thread frequently.</p>

Brings all the boys to the yard, my milkshake does.


Epic win, this quote....</p>

<p>The syntax of Yoda is rather repetitive, yes...please tire this thread not.</p>

<p>Epic, Yoda is, so commend him for his amazing syntax, we shall.</p>

<p>In the movie, one time, understand him, I could not. However, awesome he is. EPIC his light saber moves are.</p>

<p>Put your name in the Goblet, Harry did you?!</p>

<p>^not as much ownage as my post, this has.</p>

<p>Epic ownage, your post had. No longer hesitant to get my point across, I am.</p>

<p>Paying my respects to a legend, I am.</p>

<p>Good it is that you pay respect to a legend.</p>

<p>fear leads to anger
anger leads to hate
hate leads to... suffering!</p>

<p>^ "Fear is the path to the darkside" forgot you did.</p>