Talk to me about your bed

I haven’t been sleeping well for a number of reasons (including age/hormone craziness, a pinched nerve and a restless dog in the bed), but our mattress is 15 years old :woozy_face:, our sheets are nothing special and our pillows are old, cheap and flat. H and I stayed in a hotel this past weekend and I had the best sleep I’ve had in months and months there. It was such a good night of sleep that I learned I can replicate the whole bed set up through the Marriott store. I’m probably not going shell out $2k on that package (mattress, pillows and sheets), but it got me started down a path of researching some new purchases. So, if you love, love, love your bed/bedding and sleep like the dead most nights, please indulge me.

Mattress: innerspring, foam or hybrid
Box spring: yay or nay?
What’s a great pillow for side and stomach sleepers?
Sheet thread count?

Anything else I don’t yet know I need for a great night of sleep (besides kicking the dog out of the bed…)?

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I have to say…my tempurpedic mattress, linens, etc. cost about $2000, and that was 15 years ago. We spent the money on something we found comfortable because we figured it was a place where we spent almost 50% of our time…and needed to be comfy.

I honestly don’t think $2000 to replicate that Marriott bed plus everything that goes with it is a huge amount.


Box springs: we move a lot & haven’t had a box spring in years: mattresses are so tall these days, and we have a platform bed frame.

Mattresses: the usual big fork in the road is memory foam: people seem to love it or hate it. We have a hybrid mattress which seems to have the best of both.

Sheets: a friend put me on to eucalyptus, not cotton- and there is no going back. Super super soft, wears like iron, never hot OR cold. The brand I have is Sheets & Giggles, but that’s just b/c I was gifted a set & loved them- I’m sure there are other brands.


We got a bed from Costco and had nephews haul it to our home. It’s hot and humid in HI, so no memory foam for us (would increase the heat). We’ve been pretty content with our bed. We did buy a box spring with it, but I think a good platform would have been fine instead.

We use all cotton sheets and have been happy with it so far. Have never tried bamboo bedding.

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@DeeCee36 , you need a good nights sleep! :blush:

What would be a reasonable budget you’d be willing to spend for a new set up? No need for is to make recommendations that won’t work for you.

Not everyone has it in their possible game plan to spend $2k on a bed set up.


I also don’t think $2k is unreasonable for all that for a King. You are spending 1/3 of your life on it.

We had a memory foam that we paid $2300 for and it broke down in a year. It was gel infused so not hot. We slept on that fir 5 years until we couldn’t take it any longer. We now have purchased an innerspring again from a private company. A firm support, but not too firm, with good box springs. It’s a flippable. We paid $2400 and 18 months later it’s still like new, DH likes his a little softer, so we shelled out a little more for his side. Box springs are necessary for the life of an innerspring mattress. I don’t recall the weight or details of our coils. It makes a big difference. If the mattress was just on a hard flat surface, the mattress takes all the weight and it will break down quicker, then if the box spring helps with that.

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We were sleeping on an 18 year old Stearns & Foster that I regretted buying the morning after it first was delivered. I was so paralyzed by the possibility of another case of buyer’s remorse that we kept suffering through nights of tossing and turning. I finally broke down and tried something new in January - a hybrid foam/coil Serta Perfect Sleeper from their hospitality collection that was exclusive to QVC. Apparently, Covid caused a hotel chain to cancel a big order of new mattresses and we were one of the beneficiaries! It was around $1,000 for a queen mattress and box spring and my only regret was not keeping our old box spring because it had a metal frame and the new one is just wood.

Pillows are a shredded memory foam from IKEA that I love and are cheap enough to replace whenever I want (which isn’t often since the closest store is 3 hours away). I only buy supima sateen sheets from Lands End, which take a bite out of my discretionary spending so I try and buy when they have a coupon for half off clearance items.

I would like to point out that I bought a new mattress last year for a guest room.

The problem was getting rid of the old mattress. The furniture store, nope, they don’t do that. They were really rude about it. No place to donate it.

The garbage company, nope! Can’t take a mattress because of Covid. I could have transported it myself to the landfill but I didn’t have a vehicle large enough.

My husband cut up the mattress with an angle grinder and we packed it up in contractor garbage bags. Took forever. My husband is a good man.

Just make sure you have a good plan for disposing of the old mattress.


QVC also offered white glove delivery service which was delivery, set up, and removal of old mattress and box spring - all free, all masked, and socially distanced.


Our platform bed is a wood frame, with wood cross slats that provide the ‘give’ of a boxspring.


Years ago the whole family had fantastic sleep at a nice hotel in DC. After we came home, we bought new sheets. But… we all recognized that our red eye flight was the biggest reason we loved those beds … slept like babies on them from 8-10am, due to good luck at early check-in. It did get me thinking that hotels should have ways to test-sleep / buy… sounds like they do now.

Just laughing here. We are /have been talking about replacing our mattress. Good to know I am in company years wise… Lol. Thought we were the only people keeping our mattress that long… Lol. We are currently looking… Looking for sales. Lol

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We have been renting a place in NJ for vacation for a few years. The mattress on the bed there is remarkably comfortable. I have to remember to look for the make this summer when we are there.

@Colorado_mom hotels have offered “testing” sort of. Think of the Heavenly Bed at the Westin. You have been able to buy those for years!

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We moved our tubed water bed to CO (first to an interim apartment, then to new house) in 1993. We had planned to shop for a new one when I retired last summer, but Covid prevented it. I don’t mind spending thousands if needed, just fearful we will do so and then not like it for some reason.

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I don’t really know - reading through the responses makes me rethink our budget. I had originally been thinking around $1200 max. I suppose I could go up to $2k, but I’m so wary of spending the money and not being totally happy with the purchase.

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I hear you about the cost. We would not have spent the money if we hadn’t slept on the same mattress more than several times.

But didn’t you say you liked the Marriott one?

We have a memory foam mattress from Ikea. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on, bar none. It was about $400. We got it to try memory foam, thinking if we liked it we would get a higher quality memory foam in a few years. Neither of us see any reason to change now.

BTW, I run very hot but have not found the memory foam a problem.

I use all cotton sheets except for one which is cotton and lyocell which is quite pleasant. I think I’ll try some bamboo.


Just popping in to say that I just edited my post on bamboo sheets- the ones we have are eucalyptus, not bamboo! sorry


I can confirm that trying at the hotel is a safe way to know that you will like what you get.

We bought a Fairmont mattress and boxspring set from the online Fairmont store after spending a week in Hawaii sleeping and feeling better than we had in years. They assured us it was the same one that was in our room, and I can confirm that it feels every bit as good. It was expensive at a bit over $2000 for a king, but we have spent the past two years waking up feeling so much better than we did for years. I consider it an investment in our health.

If you can swing it, I think you are likely to end up very happy going for the Marriott mattress.


May be outside what you want to spend but I like a firmer mattress and have been happy with the saatva classic. I purchased an inexpensive frame from Amazon so no need for a box spring (potential savings there). All cotton sheets. Also I used to wake up with headaches and tightness in my neck some mornings. About 6 months ago I bought a Pancake Pillow on Amazon and haven’t had a problem since. It comes with 6 inserts and you decide how many are right for you. The bonus for me is that 3 were ‘just right’ so I now have two pillows for the (admittedly not inexpensive) price of one. Good luck in your quest!