Talked to an admissions counselor

<p>So today I talked to an admissions counselor about my application in regards to scholarships. I have not recieved a letter from USC over my application even though I applied before the December 1st deadline. She told me that the letter just told me that I was not eligible for the presidential or the trustee scholarship, but that I am considered for the deans scholarship. I asked her if that meant that I was admitted and she said I will find out the 1st week of April. I know admission's counselor cannot tell you over the phone if you got admitted or not though. I guess my question is for the people who did get a letter of some sort from USC, did it say anything about a deans scholarship if you if you were not considered for the Presidential or Trustee scholarship?</p>

<p>On 1/27 my D received her acceptance package, with no mention of any scholarship. The next day her admissions counselor called her to ask her if she had an questions about the scholarship process. My D told her that she didn't receive any information about the scholarship. The counselor told her that she would look into it. The counselor called her back later that day and told my D she would be receiving a Deans scholarship and that a letter had been generated that day. On 2/2 my D got the letter regarding her Deans scholarship.</p>

<p>So after reading many posts on here, I am speculating that my D may have been in the running for a Presidential, but did not make the cut. So that is why she was accepted early and then given a Deans. Which we are very happy and honored to be awarded. USC was my D's top choice and even though she wasn't excepted into her school of choice, as of yet, she is still excited to attend this fall. </p>

<p>So my best advice to you, darox94, is to stay positive, but do not expect anything in the way of an acceptance until mid March. You will save yourself a ton of worry. Remember that USC looks at the student as a whole unit, not just test scores.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you and all of the other qualified students waiting to hear from USC.</p>