Talking to a reporter for SGV, should I use my real first and last name?

<p>I go to mt sac, a reporter has talked to me and wanted to write an article on how hard it is to get classes at colleges.</p>

<p>I explained to him how the thing works and everything
today he said he wants to do another interview but he wants to put my real first and last name on the article.</p>

<p>Should I do this?
Will mt sac hate me or screw if they found out I said anything about them?
*What I mean by saying anything bad about hard it is to get classes and the g.e. classes that you need at mt sac.</p>


<p>The reporter can't use your real name unless you give him permission. I doubt that using your full name will cause problems at your college if what you tell is the plain and simple truth. Why don't you run this question by your advisor? He/she may have ideas for you.</p>