Talking to Admissions Office on Unofficial/Official Visits?

<p>If a coach has shown enough interest to invite you on an OV, is it possible/common for him to talk to the admissions office while you are on campus, and get feedback from them on your chances of admittance?</p>



<p>at the ivies it wasn't done.</p>

<p>In our experience, the official was offerred after the pre-read....which meant admissions already had a first pass at your transcripts/scores etc..and sometimes essays etc. The coaches won't spend their money to bring you in if you aren't cleared with a pre-read.</p>

<p>if its on your dime--thats different...</p>

<p>Generally if you are offer an official it will be to see how you match the school, coaches,team etc. When you leave the official you will have a general idea about where you stand in the pack...however they bring in about 3x as many as they offer LLs.</p>

<p>There are several threads in this forum outlining alot of this. I suggest you search this forum - you will find alot of good advice already documented.</p>

<p>Foghog is correct. However, I'd like to mention that at Harvard, during the official visit my D and the other recruits did indeed have an interview with admissions. It was this same adcom who later called to say she'd be receiving a likely letter.</p>