TAMS Admission Procedure

Oct 24, 2018

So I’m only a Freshman and I didn’t really know what TAMS was until a couple months ago. My sister is greatly urging me to spend my summer studying for SAT so I can take it next year and apply for TAMS. I have done some research and it interest me (mainly because I realt want to leave my current school) and I want to try to apply.
My research was helpful but I would like answer from someone that went through the admission process. What exactly can I do starting now to apply to TAMS next year.
I’m smart but not over the top prodigy type. This year I took 2 on level and 2 PAP classes (I was late and my mom advices me to). Iso far my grades have been all A’s with a couple high b’s.
I’m not involved in a crazy amount of clubs and such. I’m currently in Debate and plan to do basketball outside of school (dot think that’s relevant). I was in Orchestra and NJHS (those are the only mention worthy things I could think of. Idk if language is a helpful factor but I do speak 3 languages and I’m learning some more.
So what are some tips you guys have for me? Any useful information in the process? Any recommendations? A
Anything would be SUPER helpful.

My son went to TAMS. One big thing to think about is that they don’t rank their students. If you do get in, you will be attending with very competitive students. Good luck to you if you decide to apply!!!

Hey what’s up! I’m a member of the class of 2021 (just got my acceptance letter today!) and I just want to let you know that you have a great shot at getting in. Of course, there is always room for improvements and since I don’t know how you stand exactly in terms of academics, extracurriculars, sports, etc. I want to give you my stats so you can see what might be something that would benefit you in your endeavor, and (more often than not!) what you might not wanna do or put in your application.

First and foremost, make sure to study for your SAT! While it is true that many students with low scores (eg 1200s) get in, it will look much more impressive if you get a high score (and hey, never hurts does it?)

Then, once you’re done with the SAT (I suggest take it twice, but it’s not necessary) start focusing more of your energy on your coursework. Make sure to take as many honors/preAP or AP classes as you think is fit for you to get good grades and a good night’s sleep (!).

I would also suggest to you to start working on your essay portion of your application as soon as the application opens (for c/o 21, this was July 31) because you want to make sure to have a solid essay that showcases your true personality.

Here are my stats:
Middle School Grades
Mostly As, I got 2-3 Bs
High School Classes and Grades
Ninth Grade

  • Honors Art 1 (93)
  • Honors Biology (91)
  • Honors English 1 (87)
  • Honors Geometry (81)
  • Honors Spanish 2 (90)
  • Intramural Tennis (100)
  • Medical Terminology (95)
  • AP Human Geography (91)
    Tenth Grade
  • AP Spanish IV - 97
  • algebra 2 pre-ap - 100
  • AP biology - 92
  • Principles of Health Science - 100
  • chemistry pre-ap - 98
  • AP world history - 100
  • English 2 pre-ap - 95
  • AP Human Geography - 5
  • PSAT 8/9 - 1230 out of 1440
  • SAT II Biology (freshman year) - 630 out of 800 (oof)
  • PSAT/NMSQT: 1460/1520
  • SAT (August 25) 1480 out of 1600 (submitted to TAMS)
    Extracurricular Activities — Grade 7
  • Participated in UIL Calculator Skills and Science, Spelling Bee 1st place in middle school and participated in regional spelling bee, Academic Team: we had many competitions with other schools and won a significant amount of those. It required 3-4 hours of practice every week, Builder’s Club: basically a club where we did a bunch of community service and fundraisers and things like that.
    Extracurricular Activities — Grade 8
  • Participated in UIL Listening Skills, Dictionary Skills, Science, and Mathematics.
  • Won 2nd place in UIL Spelling.
  • Builder’s Club
  • Academic Team
  • This year I also made the tennis team. It required 5-6 hours of practice after school every week.
    Extracurricular Activities — Grade 9
  • Practiced for UIL Science after school. Around 2 hours every week. I didn’t qualify for the team though. I plan to continue next year since I will be taking chemistry and can self study physics.
  • Student Council: I just went to the meetings. Since I joined late I couldn’t become a board member.
  • Spanish Club: Just a fun club where we did Spanish activities.
    Middle School Awards/Honors
  • A Honor Roll (7-8)
  • School Spelling Bee 1st place trophy (7)
  • UIL Spelling 2nd place Academic Excellence medal (8)
  • Fall Team Tennis Tournament Medal (8)
    Extracurriculars — Grade 10
    HOSA, science club, science national honor society, key club, intellichoice club, UIL Science and Vocabulary/Spelling, Dallas Regional Science Fair

Oh goodness seeing that list has made me nervous. I better step up my game sophomore year !! But congrats on getting in!! You must be so excited!! And good luck!! I sure hope I can join you soon :slight_smile: