TAMU Admissions for Fall 2021

I was accepted to TAMU as an auto admit last week as a biochemistry major (however, i am switching to BIMS). I am ranked 57/772 in my class (top 7.3%).

Do you guys think A&M will be a lot more selective in who they admit this year? There was a pretty significant drop in the auto admit requirements - top 25% to top 10% - which makes me think that the academic standards will be higher.

@michaelarose03 The automatic admit has always been top 10% as that is the state requirement for public schools in Texas (with the exception of UT, which is lower). They used to have 3 types of admission: Auto Admit, Auto Acceptance and Review. They got rid of the Auto Acceptance type to allow for everyone that is not Top 10% to be reviewed holistically. Not sure how that will change academic standards, if at all. I think the big change this year is the test optional… we will see how that plays out!

@michaelarose03 Academic Admits were top quarter with Testing score requirements. For instance ACT had to be minimum 30 overall and sub scores couldn’t be below 27 for Eng and Math. Before Covid, they decided to do away with it like @tmclanton mentioned. How amazing is that timing? With testing sites closing and what not, it would have been a nightmare.

But to your direct question, I think they aren’t raising or lowering standards on paper, but allowing a more rounded selection of freshmen. = )

@michaelarose03 Like the previous posts, I don’t think A&M is being more selective. Rather, they are now more in control of who gets in and who doesn’t. They probably felt that the number of auto-admits was too high or that the auto-admits were filling up certain majors, leaving fewer spots for holistic review. Without the min. test score and only the top 10%, they are fewer auto-admits. My guess is that the school wants more choice over who will fill the remaining spots and how many in each major they want to let it.