TAMU ETAM statistics

Since tamu removed all the ETAM statistics, I’ve been playing around with various tamu published statistics databases to see if I could figure out some of the ETAM statistics. For anyone interested I did some calculations for MEEN and BMEN.

For example, for the major of Mechanical Engineering MEEN, the published data says that they currently have a Spring 2019 headcount of 1307 that includes 11 new Blin transfers, 3 readmits, 8 transfers. The fall 2018 headcount was 1415 including 120 that graduated in the fall of 2018. That implies that MEEN excepted 12 ETAMs in addition to the 22 readmit and transfers this semester. Some similar calculations for BMEN show that for a Spring 2019 headcount of 458 including 3 Blin, 1 readmit and 3 transfers; Fall 18 headcount of 458 with 12 that graduated in fall 2018; leaving 12 ETAM admits.

Assume both departments only took 3.5 GPA or higher applicants last fall based on low numbers… Thank you for this analysis. Where are you finding these numbers? DARS data?

@MomHopesNxtGenAg I am using the DARS data and http://accountability.tamu.edu/All-Metrics/Mixed-Metrics/Degrees-Awarded to see how many graduated in fall 18.

I was surprised at the low numbers too. Proportionally BMEN took alot more since the department is so much smaller but still 12 is surprising.

Remembering the CPSC was supposedly filled with auto admits only in Spring 18 I just calculated its statistics which are a lot higher then I expected given BMEN and MEEN above.

CPSC Computer Science
Spring 2019 Headcount = 776 including 4 Blinn transfer, 10 readmit and only 1 transfer
Fall 2018 Headcount = 784 including 70 students who graduated this semester
That leaves 62 ETAM plus the 15 Blinn, Readmit and transfer

I remembered that of the posts on the Aggie Reddit of kids that didn’t get their top 3 choices for ETAM, I seem to remember that Industrial Engineering was a somewhat common alternative offered so I figured that its ETAM entries would be higher. So I calculated INEN to see:

INEN Industrial Engineering
Spring 2019 headcount = 615 including 9 Blinn transfers, 3 readmits, and 19 transfers.
Fall 2018 headcount = 642 including 97 students who graduated this semester
That leaves 70 ETAM plus the 31 total from Blinn, Readmit and Transfer

Yes, 12 ETAM MEEN for the beginning of the spring semester is scary low! I’d LIKE to think that the typical time to apply for ETAM is now, during the spring semester, and that a bunch will be getting in once spring grades are in. Thanks for the info! What happened to 25x25!?!

@Eggscapgoats They definitely have reserved more ETAM slots for the Spring semesters then the Fall in the past, so this semester will be really interesting. Although they are spreading out ETAM slightly by making kids who start in a math class lower then MATH 151 wait until their 3rd semester to ETAM so the numbers may spread differently now between Spring and Fall. My son was told that MEEN filled up completely with auto-admits in Spring 18 and that could be why they didn’t have much room in Fall 2018 to take more.

When you say Auto admit, does that mean students who had a 3.5 or higher? Thank you!

I feel nauseous now.

@Eggscapgoats In general yes, auto admit is 3.5 but there is a few more stipulations. This is the link for the class of 2021 which was spring 18, scroll down to the paragraph labeled auto admit
and this is the link for the current class of 2022 and generally spring 19

@MomHopesNxtGenAg @Eggscapgoats @CamandCam I found the data for Spring and Summer 2018 graduates by major in engineering so was able to recreate what happened with ETAM in the Spring of 2018 when the class of 2021 had their first opportunity and where several majors apparently were filled by auto admits. MEEN being one of those majors I calculated its numbers first:
MEEN mechanical engineering
Spring 2018 headcount = 1254 including 204 spring 2018 graduates and 26 summer 2018 graduates
Fall 2018 headcount = 1415 including 20 Blinn transfers, 5 readmits, 27 transfers and 1 special admit (whatever that is)
That implies that ETAM for the Spring 2018 admitted 391 students including 53 listed above; I can see why they admitted so few in the fall now.

@pbleigh Thanks for this info, and forgive me for the questions. I have a son class of 2023 considering either PSA or an Engineering Academy. We are having some difficultly finding good statistics for successful ETAM for the academy students who are not automatic admit (3.5+) … not that a 3.5 isn’t the plan, but want to understand the options in reality. Do you know where we could find stats for ETAM for computer or elec engineering wrt GPA and time to transfer. By chance does anyone know if it’s likely for the academy kids to successfully ETAM after freshman year with only a 3.0 for example ? Any input would be helpful !

It will be fascinating to see what happens with the spring 2019 ETAM now that they have toughened slightly the minimum course requirements at ETAM application for Class of 2022 and kept the same 3.5 min. gpa requirement to automatically get first choice major. I would like to believe that there would be fewer engineering students in Class of 2022 to reflect a slightly smaller overall freshman class size, right?–but it wouldn’t be much of a reduction at best. I don’t expect much difference but certainly hope for some. Otherwise, the off-semester applicants, of which there will be more than in Fall 2018, will have trouble… I am disappointed that the mainstream engineering departments are evidently not sizing up to keep up with the increased number of early year students in the pipeline. I consider it unethical to force a student into an engineering major that they really don’t want just because there are spaces available there and not elsewhere.

@kATX TAMU used to publish very detailed information on ETAM including the low, high and median GPAs for the Holistic review (non-auto admit). Unfortunately the program changed a lot with the class that entered fall of 2017 (graduating class of 2021) and they have not published any statistics since the graduating class year 2020 ETAM in Spring 2017. However, I have found some databases where you can derive some information on approximately how many students they took for ETAM by major. I say approximately because I have found the graduation data by semester and the incoming transfer, Blinn, etc, but what I have not been able to find or figure into these figures are the kids that drop out or transfer each semester. I will though run the numbers for computer engineering and electrical engineering and post them here for you.

@pbleigh The spring ETAM numbers (post #9) can also be broken up to include freshman applying in their second semester and 4th semester students applying in the spring for the last time.

@Eggscapgoats Yes that number for ETAM includes everyone that is not a transfer because that is the only way to enter a engineering major unless you have transferred in. I haven’t seen any specific data published that distinguishes between those that applied for ETAM whether they were second, third, fourth semester applicants.

Electrical Engineering ELEN:
Spring 2018 headcount = 856 including 122 spring 2018 graduates and 11 summer 2018 graduates
Fall 2018 headcount = 948 including 18 Blinn transfers, 4 readmits, 60 transfers
Spring 2019 headcount= 870 including 10 Blinn, 1 Readmit, 13 transfer
Spring 18 ETAM = 225 including 82 Blinn, readmit and transfer
Fall 18 ETAM = 3 including 24 Blinn, readmit and transfer

Computer/Electrical track Engineering CEEN
Spring 18 headcount = 226 including 13 spring 2018 graduates and 5 summer
Fall 18 headcount = 340 including 12 Blinn, 18 transfer
Spring 19 headcount = 303 including 4 Blinn
ETAM Spring 18 is about 132 including the 30 Blinn and transfer
ETAM Fall 18 numbers come out to a -26 including 4 Blinn which means there must have been some drop outs or transfers in this semester that I can’t find published data for

Computer Engineering/ computer science track CECN
Spring 18 headcount = 278 including 45 spring graduates and 7 summer
Fall 18 headcount = 291 including 1 Blinn, 1 Readmit, 2 transfer
Spring 19 headcount = 263 including 2 Blinn, 2 Readmit, 1 transfer
ETAM Spring 18 = 65 including 5 Blinn, readmit and transfer
ETAM Fall 18 = 11 including 4 Blinn, Readmit and transfer

Hi All, this is very concerning reading the ETAM stats. Am I correct in understanding that most of the MEEN seats are filled by auto admits which leave no seats for holistic review admits? Say, for Fall ETAM, the available seats are say 1200 I am trying to understand how many of the 1200 available seats are taken by auto admits. Just to understand what are the chances for holistic admits…Thanks

@katx I strongly recommend the engineering academy route. https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/texas-m-university/2129693-psa-vs-engineering-academy.html#latest

@ToCollege2018 A few of the most popular majors apparently filled completely with auto admits Spring 2018 and since then, tamu has not posted statistics at all so it is impossible to know for sure. However, in response to that they made changes to ETAM auto admit rules so presumably it will be different this semester, we shall see. Keep in mind that this was rumored to effect MEEN and CSCE that semester but there are many more engineering majors at tamu. If I remember the old published statistics for MEEN, they took in about 300 during Spring ETAM; the Spring 2018 seems to be well over that which would go along with the scenario that it filled with auto admits because they take all the auto admits even if that number to takes them over their quota. That had never happened before but likely did that year because it was the first ETAM after they both increased the freshman class size and added Galveston, academies, etc. Hopefully the changes they made will correct the situation. I do know my son was admitted to MEEN for the Fall ETAM and it was holistic.

Thank you for the detailed message, pbleigh, When you refer to Fall ETAM do you mean apply in Fall and get into major in Spring, OR apply in Spring and get into major in Fall. The website say as pasted below.
From here it appears that a huge percentage of freshman get into first and second choice majors. And when they say “eligible” I believe C or better in the first and second semesters prior to ETAM app.

Can anyone comment on this, because from this thread, it appears that its very hard to get into a major.

Also your comment: >>>>If I remember the old published statistics for MEEN, they took in about 300 during Spring ETAM>>>> is this apply in fall and get into major in Spring?
I would think, for getting into a major in Fall there are lot more seats as they are starting a brand new class.


Class of 2020 Statistics
100 percent of eligible engineering students were placed in a major.

93 percent of eligible engineering students were placed in their first or second choice major.
86 percent of eligible engineering students were placed in their first choice major.