TAMU Transfer

Hey everyone!
I go to Blinn - Bryan, and I had a very rough first semester, like i was dumb enough to fail a class and get C’s on two others. I know. But anyways, right now I have a 3.3 gpa and 42 credit hours.
Do you guys think have a chance to transfer to TAMU computer science? Like if i show my upward projection in grades, and a very well constructed essay?
T’s and G’s

No. They accept maybe one or two transfers a cycle, and those people have a perfect 4.0 with fantastic ec’s. This year they probably won’t even have room to accept people because of the pass/fail option given to students in ETAM.

Hello Everyone.

I’m currently a sophomore (first-gen) at a junior college. I plan to transfer to A&M next fall. My major is Political Science with the intention of going to Law School. As of right now I am re-taking Federal Government 2305 and ENGL 1302. My credit hours are 33, and my GPA is a 3.8. I’m looking to enroll in PTA. What are my chances?

@element118 Work with an A&M admissions office and they will get you all squared away with regards to the PTA program. My understanding is that like PSA you will sign a “contract” and so long as you meet all of the requirements on the PTA form for your intended major, you will be guaranteed admission.

If you have not already I would reach out to a PTA counselor ASAP.

@WWOODS1 Yeah It turns out that I couldn’t make the cut for PTA. I wouldn’t be able to finish the recommended courses for Political Science (Bachelors of Science), in time, bummer. But I do have a great shot for General Transfer.