TAMU v/s Penn State for IE

<p>Hi Friends</p>

<p>I am planning to enroll for MS in IE this fall and was in the process of selecting my univ. </p>

<p>I have got admits from the following univ without any funding.
1. Penn state
3. ASU
5. Clemson
6. Rutgers</p>

<p>I am looking for a course with SCM, OR, Production and less of manufacturing.
From the ranking available at USnews Penn state and Tamu are the finest for IE. But I would like to get a better picture, beyond these ranking.</p>

<p>I would like to know whether Penn State is worth the extra cost when compared to TAMU? My friend at TAMU was saying that the placement scenario at Texas is far better than the other states due to the presence of companies in Texas
How is the placement scenario at Penn State?
Penn State being referred to as a public Ivy and so do they really matter from the job perspective</p>

<p>Please do help me.</p>

<p>I would go with Penn State over Texas A&M. There are sooo many Penn State alumni out there (one of the largest alumni bases in the country) and Penn State consistently ranks up there when it comes to job placement and job recruiting. Go to Penn State if you can afford it. If not, Texas A&M is just as good.</p>

<p>PS: I’m a student at Clemson so if for some reason you start looking at Clemson and have any questions, let me know!</p>

<p>Well, neither PSU nor TAMU are exactly hidden when it comes to job recruiters. Both schools are very well known to corporate America and multinational firms.</p>

<p>You really should talk to the department heads and/faculty members in your proposed area and get a feel for how you would fit. It would also be a good idea to visit if at all possible.</p>

<p>And last, but not least, ask about job placement at each school. They should be pretty forth-coming with that type of data, especially if that school/department has a truly good reputation.</p>

<p>Penn State was recently ranked number 1 in the Wall Street Journal by professional recruiters. I know they have a very high success rate of placing both undergrad and grad students in careers.</p>

<p>How much will each of these cost you? Are you in-state for any of them?</p>

<p>The short answer, is that if all of these are ABET accredited, you can safely choose the least expensive one, and you will get a good education.</p>

<p>Since you are specifically looking for “a course with SCM, OR, Production and less of manufacturing” you need to sit down and read through the course offerings and graduation requirements for the majors at each of the programs on your list. The one that is the BEST match for you may not be the one that has the highest ranking in USNWR.</p>

<p>Finally, if you are an International Applicant, it doesn’t matter one bit how the USNWR ranks these institutions. What matters is which of them will get you a job in your home country after you graduate.</p>