TAMU Why so few Out of State students?

Texas A&M is well regarded nationally, especially for engineering. I’m curious why only 3% of the undergraduates are from other states? At UT Austin the number is 8%. Many large publics have higher numbers. Is there a reason that students from other states don’t enroll?

My son is considering TAMU for aerospace or mechanical engineering and would take advantage of their scholarship for National Merit finalists. We’re from California.

By law, Texas state Schools have to accept the top 10% of every graduating Texas high school class. At UT, the auto entry threshold is top 5% currently. UT is the only state school with the lower auto entry rate.Leaves more room for OOS applicants.

Texas A&M is an excellent school. Don’t get thrown by those percentages.

@LTmomof2 Thanks! That makes sense.

The val at my D’s hs from OH is at TAMU for engineering. He’s having an amazing experience.

Be on the lookout for an invitation to interview for the Brown Scholarship (offered only to National Merits). It will bump up the goody bag to a full ride at TAMU plus they allow scholarship stacking if your son has outside scholarships. My daughter has several friends from out of state at TAMU so your son would not be an outlier being from out of state.