TAP Application

I am trying to apply for TAP for my daughter who is applying to 8 NYS colleges. I was able to put one college on the application .It wouldn’t let me add others. I submitted it and now want to fill out for the others and it keeps saying I already submitted help…

I think you are only supposed to complete the application for the one school you are planning on attending, not like the FAFSA or CSS Profile that gets sent to each school you are applying to. Some schools don’t offer every major or it might be a slightly different classification number. The deadline isn’t until June. I think you need to wait until your daughter makes a decision and then change the school online.

Oh thank you so much. That makes sense why it wouldn’t let me add colleges. I will do that.

@sybbie719 can confirm that, but I think it’s true too. The state decides if you’re eligible then you tell them which school your child will be attending.

You complete the application on either HESC or TAP on the Web

Tap will only allow you to put in one NYS school.

Once your D has made a decision as to where she is going to attend, you go back on to the HESC website and update the application with the school that she will be attending.

If you find that you are not eligible for full TAP, do not forget to fell out the excelsior scholarship application, when it becomes available