TAP Certification & AP Score Help!

<p>I completed the TAP program at my school, but they won't certify me unless I bring them a copy of my AP scores. I ordered them a while back and they told me I was supposed to get them by this Monday. It's Thursday and it has yet to come in the mail ): I'm afraid they might've shipped it to the wrong address or something and my school told me they're due on Feb. 23. I was wondering if there was any way to just drop the AP scores from my application so I can get certified or if there was anything else I could do ): And if anyone has gotten their AP scores shipped to their homes, about how long did it take?</p>

<p>Collegeboard offers rush services for AP scores; I believe they will mail it to you within 24 hours. It costs a little bit more, but you will get them quickly. If you want to pay for the rush services, you shouldn't have a problem getting it by Feb. 23.</p>