TAP Submitted How/Where to submit paper signature?

Hello, compared to last time most of my problems have been sorted out and everyone on this forums has been a great help, I just have pretty much one final question, I have submitted my TAP and during the TAP application I indicated that my parent was going to do a paper signature, and so I printed out the paper to have my parent sign it and then upload a pdf of it onto HESC as it tells you to upload using “Review My NYS Financial Aid Information” link from the student access page.

However after I went to the link there was only my application from the 2020-2021 year and not my application for 2021-2022 year for me to upload the signature too. Im worried on if I can only submit the signature like a monthish later when the application has been processed? Or am I just being to hasty and that itll take a couple more days until my 2021-2022 application appears in the review section?

@sybbie719 can probably tell you how long it takes for the TAP application to process. If you want to upload a paper signature it might not be available for a few days.

From the looks of it my TAP hasn’t been processed yet, since I haven’t gotten the second round email from HESC. However the 2021-2022 year did just show up on the NYS review financial aid link from the student access. However when I go into it and then review/update information there is no way to upload a signature as to the right of parents signature there is no “modify answer” button at all. So is there anything I could/should do? Im confused. (I indicated paper signature on the TAP application, and then I printed out the page it gave me, however there is no way to upload?).