Target DBA

<p>Dear All,</p>

<p>My aim : DBA, corporate strategy. HBS is a dream but probably not reality. I am open to suggestions for any other DBA corporate strategy programs elsewhere</p>

<p>My profile, as of now is poor.And I want to find out ways to improve it.
-Undergraduate : Computer Engineering.Grades poor. I did poorly in math courses.</p>

<p>-Work Experience : 5 years as a business intelligence consultant with TATA group.</p>

<p>-Earned six sigma green belt and Project Management Professional certification</p>

<p>-Passed a distance learning MBA course with straight 'A's. I got an A+ in quant subject but it didn't contain calculus. Just a bit on functions.Stats and alebra were there though. But my major was in finance. So used calculus here. Took courses Managerial economics,corporate finance,financial markets, risk management etc.</p>

<p>-old GRE quant score 780. Will be trying for an 800 shortly.</p>

<p>Some profs told me to strengthen my economics background because of the heavy concentration of economics in a DBA corporate strategy. I have to strengthen my maths profile as well. Some others said MBA wasn't the way to go.</p>

<p>I want to take up a full time masters course before applying for a DBA program. I feel, a well done full time masters will improve my chances at a DBA program that is highly ranked.</p>

<p>What do you suggest? MBA,MA economics, MA stats or MA Maths or MSc finance or something else maybe?</p>

<p>HSE,TKK,Aalto university, Finland offers a MSc strategy. How is that program?</p>