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Hi all,
I am a high school senior desperately searching for one last target school. 30 ACT, 3.9 UW GPA with past two years majority PSEO classes via online enrollment. Lead a national award winning yearbook staff, 3x club soccer captain, lead community movements regarding human rights and sustainability, small business. Looking for a school similar to Madison - medium size, strong in humanities and social science. Study abroad and internships/career growth a plus!

The University of Richmond meets most of your criteria and might represent a high match for you.

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James Madison?

The first question everyone will need answered is your budget.

Secondly, what are of the country are you focusing on?

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I consider Madison a large school with around 35,000 undergrads. For a target, what about medium size schools like Miami Ohio, Pitt, or UVM? Regarding Richmond…it has 3,200 students so not sure if that is too small, if not I would encourage you to apply test optional with a 30 ACT.

I also agree with the above…would be helpful to know your home state and budget.

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University of Pittsburgh! Explore Pitt further, as I think it has what you’re looking for. Must like urban feel. Good luck

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Was going to suggest the same.

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Madison links to the University of Wisconsin in Madison WI. Is that where you meant? I think that is a very large school. Can you quantify what you mean by “medium size”?

What are the other schools already on your list?

If you meant U Wisconsin-Madison …

Indiana U
U Colorado
U Georgia

Major, school applying to inside university, is money no object?