ta's at emory?

<p>Hey, are all classes at emory taught by professors or are some taught by ta's??</p>

<p>The majority of classes are taught by professors. Teacher assistants are in charge of smaller discussion groups within large classes. They also assist in grading papers, etc. I am a first year student and all of my classes are taught by professors. There are two ta's in my freshman seminar, but they do not lecture or teach material. They grade assignments and midterms. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>hey thanks for the info man, i might go next year so i am wondering, what about the profs, are they accessible outside out of class, do they help you out, have you found ur profs to be really good? hey and also, if you know anything about the history, philosophy, french, creative writing and latin american studies programs it woudl be great, thanks</p>

<p>My profs in general are very accessible. They make every effort to help students out and answer questions. In two of my classes this semester, the profs allowed the students to email papers before the due date so they could review them and make any corrections. This way, students felt more confident about their final drafts. As far as the quality of the profs, some are good and some are bad. I haven't really had any amazing lectures or anything. It just depends on what classes you take. In general, Emory is a good school for pre-meds and the natural sciences (bio, chem, physics) tend to be the strongest departments. I'm not quite sure about the other departments though. Also, if you are very interested in attending Emory and have good/great stats, I would encourage you to apply for the Emory Scholars Program. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Hope that helps.</p>