Tasp (2010)

<p>Who'z applyingz to the Tabor Academy Sports Program this year?!</p>

<p>Imaz suppperrrr exciteddd!
I'm about to dominateeee!</p>

<p>Much Love,

<p>Misleading .</p>

<p>I heard Whorrace is applying...</p>

<p>I hope he gets Boris to apply too, they're an all star lacrosse tandem.</p>

<p>Oh really? I hear one of the activites they have is a lesson on pennywhistling...</p>

<p>Guyz this iz totez unlegitz.</p>


<p>Will they serve puppy chow at TASP this year? I heard they didn't last year, and I must admit, no summer program is worth my time if I can't compete in the SYFWPCAWS contest. Mah partner gurrrrl Rihanna dominatez err year.</p>

<p>[Stuff Your Face With Puppy Chow At Warp Speed, FTMFW]</p>