TASS (Telluride Association Summer Seminar) 2023

Starting the thread for summer 2023. Anyone applying? Any former attendees, please share your tips.


hi, i’m applying! the essays are really short compared to TASP (saw on a youtube video), but it seems fun. I’m a sophomore :slight_smile:

Hello! I am also applying :slight_smile: I’m a junior.

I thought TASP no longer existed? It was initially on my radar screen as something to have my son consider but I heard that the sponsoring organization got all “woke” and decided to revamp the program to make it less “elitist”. I don’t see the point of having him apply if it’s not going to carry much weight in college admissions the way it did before.

Hi guys! Krystle here (the TASP YouTuber lol). Would it be helpful to you if I made a new video about the TASS requirements since they revamped the program and what’s different now?


Thanks for this offer! That sounds great if you made a video. Let me know when it’s available.

That would be fantastic!

I am having the same question…when I look up TASP I get TASS and I have no idea what happened. The problem is, my counsellor recommended me TASP, not TASS.

yes pls!

yes please!! if it’s not too late now haha deadlines in 10 days…

Right I’m panickinggg

Should I apply to CBS (critical black studies) rather than AOS (anti oppressive studies) bc of the minimal competitiveness? I would be happy to attend either but I wouldn’t feel right if I’m not supposed to be in CBS as a non black person

there is no minimal competitiveness, both programs are extremely competitive with acceptance rates at 3% for 2022. please do not try to guess which one would be easier to get into by the numbers, or try to get in for the purpose of an admissions boost. also, as someone with a sibling alumn, tass has “diversity quotas” that severely skew admissions for certain marginalized groups no matter what because the program is geared towards said group. for an asian or especially white person it is close to a 1 in 100 chance to get in, so the best thing you can do is just apply and not overthink your chances because they are extremely low for everyone. hope this helps


I made the video!! College Confidential apparently doesn’t allow links but it’s on my YouTube channel, Krystle DiCristofalo // My Ivy Education

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Don’t post your real name on CC.

When the results will come out?

I emailed then about this, and here’s what they said
Applications are currently being read, and notifications about which students have been selected to move onto the interview stage of the application process will be sent out mid-March.

Ok… it is long wait then !

Someone in the TASS discord server gave a heads up about checking survey monkey and seeing “preview.” This is what came up for me:

What does that mean? That they looked at your application on March 1?