TAU-Columbia Dual BA 2025

hey, i’ve been looking around and there isn’t a thread up yet about the tau-columbia dual degree program, so i thought id start one. what does everyone think of the program? have ppl gotten invited to interviews?

Has anyone heard back? Decisions were supposed to be sent today, but they seem to have changed the date to tomorrow. Odd.

yeah they had said april 1st but then when i checked it was changed to april 2, not sure when it changed

I saw that Columbia sent ‘notices of interest’ to some candidates of its “single degree” programs–letters indicating that they are likely to receive an acceptance letter later. Does someone know if this was also the practice for the dual degree program?

never heard of it if that before. i am anxiously waiting for the email right now and refreshing the portal. does anyone have any idea when they are releasing decisions?

I got in!! Anyone else?


Same here

Hello! Congrats to everyone who has been accepted into the program! All updates and notices should’ve been posted to the application portals.
Additionally, please keep in mind Admitted Students Day is April 11th, and registering for this event will program you for another on April 18th! All details should’ve been included in your acceptance letters!
Lastly, please join the ZeeMee where you can contact other admitted students to the program and GS! You can directly ask more individualized questions to tour guides across multiple years, campus, programs, majors, etc. ZeeMee also has a find a roommate feature as well! Hope to see y’all there and congrats again!