Tax form 1099 late -- means what for finaid?

<p>We got this message today :</p>

<p>"We’re writing to let you know that XXXX will mail your 2008 1099-Composite in mid-February 2009.</p>

<p>The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 extended the required mailing date for Form 1099-Composite from January 31 to February 15. Due to Presidents' Day on Monday, February 16, 2009, the required mailing date will be further extended to February 17 in 2009."</p>

<p>Great. Tax forms will not be out until mid February -- but DS school wants FAFSA and other material submitted no later than Feb. 15. This is going to get dicey. Anybody else getting late tax info?</p>

<p>Some of our D's schools want the materials by February 1! But, yes, we are expecting some information late. We're using all the information we can gather to estimate those numbers ....</p>

<p>Is this for a brokerage account? If you can log into your account online, you can view all dividends/interest/capital gains there for 2008, which is essentially the same information that's on your 1099.</p>

<p>You can do the estimated financial forms and then submit the final corrected version after your taxes are done. You should be able to estimate most f your 1099's from the last statements you received.</p>

<p>vballmom-- that's what we did. If last year is anything to go by, there were some discrepancies, but they were not that significant. We have submitted our info and hope to have our taxes done by the end of the week in order to make the 2/1 deadlines!</p>

<p>I worked in finanancial aid for almost 20 years and yes, you can use estimated taxes. If you read the directions on the FAFSA it let's you know that in writing so please don't worry! Just don't miss any deadlines because you are waiting - those are unforgiving!</p>



<p>That's what we're doing also.</p>