tax in work study?

<p>I 'm a sophomore this year and received a workstudy position. I also had one last year. So I got my first paycheck recently and noticed that there was tax deducted. I'm not trying to get by without paying taxes, but I didn't have to pay taxes last year. I also remember reading somewhere that fws students don't have to pay taxes. So what is going on this year? Thanks.</p>

<p>Just because taxes were withheld from you paychecks doesn't mean that you have a tax liability.</p>

<p>When you file your income tax return, you would put down your taxes withheld as a prepayment. If your actual tax liability is less than the amount withheld, you get a refund.</p>

<p>Go to the employment office and fill out another W-4 form. Write "EXEMPT" in box 7 if you paid no tax last year and expect the same this year. Then you will get your full wages with nothing withheld.</p>