Taylor CSE LLC for incoming OOS student in Computer Science--Good choice?

My son was admitted and now is thinking of housing. If he is a CS major, is the CSE LLC a good choice? What are some of benefits? Is the location good? We have never been to campus, so thanks for any input!

S2 is a CompE(same building as CS)freshman, and picked Taylor. He likes it. Very convenient(5-10 minute walk to most classes), the food is good and plentiful at the cafateria(University Village with 15+ restaurants is 5-10 minute walk), people are good. The ability to bond/whine with fellow CSE students over some of the tougher classes is a plus.

He has heard good things about the CS, btw. Teaching is good, and marking is a little less hardcore than the with traditional sciences/ENG, though your student will inevitably run into some of “the pain”.

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