TCF banking

<p>Does a majority of the student body use it? What other banking options are there on campus? Just trying to gather an opinion on it.</p>

<p>Damnit, what's that bank across from the Espresso Royale next to East Hall? That's the only other bank that comes to mind... there's a BoA ATM on South U... there's a Comerica ATM behind Campus Corner on State... something something Credit Union in the Union? TCF is the easiest. ATMs everywhere, branch offices on South U and Liberty.</p>

<p>That is a National City.</p>

<p>I got a TCF account when I came to the university last Fall and just closed my account. They don't have free checking anymore and I can't afford the minimum balance! Now I am in the market for a new bank, and I not only need a local ATM but I need a branch in Canton. Ugggh.</p>

<p>Have you tried the University of Michigan Credit Union? Credit unions often have advantages and savings over banks.</p>

<p>I also recommend National City/PNC Bank. Bank of America is terrible; avoid it if you can.</p>

<p>^ Avoid regionals, support the consumer banks of BBs.</p>

<p>tcf is horrible. they have a $35 overdraft fee.. which is insane! On top of that, they'll keep allowing you to charge on your debit card, despite its negative balance.. and keep deducting $35 every time.</p>

<p>i want to c4 all the tcf branches on campus.</p>

<p>^That's being changed. They're moving to a policy where, if you don't have enough money for the transaction, your card will be declined. You may have to tell TCF that you want to opt into this new option though.</p>

<p>I've only heard negative things about TCF from friends who have an account there. I've used University of Michigan Credit Union, and it's been fine so far...</p>

<p>tcf is terrible. i hope the company burns.</p>

<p>Why is TCF so bad?</p>

<p>I didn't mind TCF until they did away with free checking. For non student accounts the minimum balance is $500, for student accounts I believe it's less but I can't remember off the top of my head-- I just knew it was too much for me. And there's a $500 minimum balance on savings, too. I have totally free checking and savings at charter one in Canton, so those kinds of things are a slap in the face compared to what I am used to! But I need a local ATM so my mom can deposit money in my account to get me cash, I can't get cash from my charter one account in A2 without a fee for using a different ATM and my favorite food places only take cash. >.<</p>

<p>wait when did they get rid of free checking??? those ****ers didnt even notify me.</p>

<p>I don't know when they were supposed to start charging. I had gone into a branch office to do something and was told it was going to happen, and then confirmed that with someone at another branch office when I came home. I only had like $9 in my account at the time, since my charter one account is my main one, so I just canceled immediately and obviously haven't heard anything since.</p>

<p>LOL, TCF "rated the best bank in Michigan" my ass!</p>

<p>Wow, I can't believe they're doing this crap. They do one thing good, stopping the overdraft fee and declining your card instead, but then do something bad, requiring a $25 minimum for students. Might be losing my business.</p>

<p>Wow, I didn't know that people felt this way about it? Maybe I'll have to consider other options then. Thank you for all of your input.</p>

<p>I'd be interested to know what you guys switch to if you do.</p>

<p>k that was inappropriate.</p>

<p>"I'd be interested to know what you guys switch to if you do."</p>

<p>Chase, Bank of America... real banks.</p>

<p>Only thing I don't want to give up is the prevalence of ATMs with TCF... but might go with National City. They've got a branch you can walk into that's pretty conveniently located. Just not sure about how many ATMs are around campus...</p>