TCNJ - Acceptance rate / GPA - SAT score requirements for Computer Science

My DD will be applying for early decision for TCNJ - Computer Science major. I am trying find the GPA and SAT score data specific to computer science major acceptance.

I can find the overall acceptance rate and GPA requirements, but looking for computer science major as that could be significantly different from the overall. Is there such data available?

My daughter applied ED to TCNJ as a Comp sci major and was accepted last year. I think if you are applying ED and they accept you as a student, you will be fine with the major choice, but I have no hard data to substantiate that. I do know that last year, the comp sci department had more people commit than they normally do, so they might be a little more stringent this year. If you have other questions, I prefer PM, but happy to help

Thank you.

Sorry, PM is not yet available for me. My daughter will be applying ED as well. As per the data available, the 75th percentile SAT score for TCNJ overall is 1330. I am trying to figure out if the acceptance for CS would require much higher score than this.

Also, I know TCNJ is a smaller compared to Rutgers and Rutgers accepts close to 1000 students for the CS and I am wondering what is the total number of students accepted in TCNJ for CS.

In Rutgers, there are alternatives to CS, such as Business Analytics and Information Technology Major and Information Technology and Informatics Major. These majors may be slightly easier majors compared to CS. I heard from some current students that many of the CS major students change their major due to the level of difficulty. I am wondering if TCNJ CS would be similar?

I can’t answer your question specifically, but I do believe if you called TCNJ they would be able to answer your question regarding scores and comp sci. The current class has 51 CS majors, I believe, but I know they were hoping for 35 or so. I think they do experiences some atrophy because the subject matter is quite challenging. You should definitely take a tour of the comp sci department if you haven’t already. It was pretty impressive when my daughter was looking, but it really depends on what type of school the student is looking for. I will say that my daughter is already building some relationships with professors and advisor because of the size of the program. I have heard excellent things about Rutgers comp sci also, but my daughter wanted nothing to do with a big school like Rutgers. Another path some students at TCNJ take is Computer Engineering. Again, I am not 100%, but I think it is a combo electrical/computer engineering path. My daughter is only a Freshman, but very happy so far.

Thank you very much for the information. Sounds like TCNJ will be much more selective compared to RU due to less number of seats available for CS.

I don’t know that this is true because Rutgers CS Program is ranked higher than TCNJ’s…