TCNJ-Accounting ED1

Hi, I’ve decided to start a conversation about TCNJ ED admissions for the class of 2024. My S applied ED1, Accounting major. He really likes it! He is even taking accounting electives in HS for three years. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get into Accounting in TCNJ? His stats are…SAT 1380, GPA weighted 4.87, rank 36 out of 720. I hope we will get good news soon.

Hi, I am not sure if you have any issue with the tuition amount, but if you do like me, I would definitely suggest at least applying to Rowan. I was accepted with their maximum 10k per year scholarship, and I have a 1390 SAT and 3.7 weighted gpa, not quite as good as your son. It is not as good of a school, but it’s close!! Just something to think about. Also, keep in mind Rowan’s tuition is about 14 while tcnj is 2-3k more per year.