TCNJ Class of 2023 Honors Program

Does anyone know when TCNJ will start notifying admitted students about Honors Program acceptances?

it’s a separate notification. some will automatically be accepted while others will be invited to apply. anyone who was offered merit is at a minimum invited to apply. notification/information is around accepted students day.

keep in mind the freshman experience in the towers is one of the best things about the school and the honors program requires residence elsewhere if I am not mistaken. Also I am not sure what the advantage is to the honors program vs graduating with highest honors as ours did.

Pretty much everyone at TCNJ is/was an honors student in high school - honors among honors

@honestlee very true

just got into the Honors Program!

I just got in as well! 1510 SAT and 4.0 UW

1410 SAT and 96 W GPA!

@hopestobe what major were you accepted into?

Son got in as well. 1470 3.45 gpa

@stones3 Can you tell me more about The towers

all I can tell you is the students love it there. To me it looks like two huge cell blocks but I saw first hand, all my S friends enjoyed their time there. FYI S went on to graduate with over 3.83 college gpa, had several internship opportunities and is all set with a full time job offer from a highly competitive top company . Also graduated in 3 1/2 years.

I was accepted into TCNJ honors a few weeks ago, I already got 5k/yr in merit money (before I knew about honors) but I was wondering if anyone knows if you get more merit aid for the honors acceptance

@liz880 No, there is no more merit money for the Honors Acceptance.

@SPA2100 public health on a pre med track

Parent of a pre-med: If you enroll in TCNJ and you get the email/letter talking about enrolling in classes, if you are interested in premed make sure you enroll in Biology or Chemistry as soon as possible. My daughter took her time (still within the deadline) and those classes were closed out.

Here are some curriculums for students who aren’t Bio or Chem majors for pre-med

are students supposed to be registering for classes already? We haven’t seen anything like that. TIA

@rofikicafe no, but just a heads up when your student receives that if they enroll

Confused. We paid deposit and invitation to honors. Do they get early registration?

@rofikicafe Not that I am aware of.