TCNJ Class of 2023 RD

didn’t see a thread for RD so thought I’d start one so we have one place to update each other!

@coco1457 Thanks for starting a thread. My first received his acceptance (went elsewhere) in the second half of Feb 2016 so I’m hoping for similar timing this year so #2 can move on with his decision. He heard from all of his others.

D #1 didn’t receive RD acceptance till late March, so not expecting anytime soon for D #2. ?

Last year the RD decisions started arriving via snail mail around feb 12th for in state (out of state was a little sooner). Remember that TCNJ sends them out it batches… Good luck to all! Btw - my son loves it there! We are so happy with his choice.

@RustyNail17 Thanks for the date info. My son submitted his app in Oct so I hope we are in the early wave! I would love it if he chose TCNJ. Other top choice is a lot further drive and a lot more $$. Here’s hoping!

D accepted to TCNJ today. There was a link to an enrollment notification form that gave her a choice to accept or decline an offer of admission and a congratulatory message. She applied for nursing. From prior years, I thought that TCNJ sent out packages via mail with decisions.

Stats…In-state, 1430 SAT, 4.14 wGPA, 9 AP / rest honors, EMT volunteering 15 hours a week, hospital internship, lots of ECs / leadership

@jdcollegedad Thanks for update. I’ll have my son check as soon as he gets home. Maybe it’s in tomorrow’s mail. My #1 found out thru the snail mail in 2016, so I was expecting same as you. And congrats!!

Ah well, no news from TCNJ today.

@Sparcky A week ago she was provided a chance to write an optional 100 word essay on her interest in nursing and TCNJ. The letter said that they had a record number of nursing applicants. She submitted it right away and heard today.

Maybe they’re starting with nursing student notifications.

@MdgmMom @jdcollegedad Yeah, we were thinking maybe the same thing. Maybe we’ll hear later this week. I’m just hoping to know for sure before we start accepted tours next week.

All I know is that my older daughter didn’t hear till late March.

My first got his around 2/20 and they had very similar stats so I’m working off of that in looking for a February decision.

My daughters accepted as well. However we can’t find their accepted major? Does anyone know where to see that? One applied health sciences and the other communications. Hard to accept or decline if we don’t know what program they were admitted to.

@njtwinmom The link on the portal didn’t say what major, but my daughter only applied to nursing. From the past message boards, it seems that TCNJ sends a physical package with the acceptance letter indicating the major and merit money. We are watching the mail for it! In the past, the link on the portal typically came later. Maybe the link was released earlier than they planned this year?

@jdcollegedad thanks. I was thinking the same. Major in physical package. My one daughter is going to email admissions counselor for clarification. If I hear anything, will post. I was surprised decisions released this early. My other daughter just randomly checked the portal and saw it. Weird but we’re happy!

As I remember it, my first did receive his merit offer with his acceptance letter via snail mail. 2016.

My first did receive his merit offer with his acceptance letter via snail mail. 2016.

accepted w $5,000 annually-renewable scholarship! in-state, 1460 SAT, 96 W GPA, business major. so excited! :slight_smile: