TCNJ freshman schedule - how does it work?

Our tour guide told us that TCNJ chooses an incoming freshman’s first semester courses for them. This was the first we heard of this. Is this correct? If so, does the student get any input in freshman class selection? I’m assuming courses are tied to major and/or satisfy some requirement, but does the student have any ability to change any or all courses if they do not like what was selected for them? Any input/insight is appreciated! Thanks!

You have to declare a major at Tcnj and should try to follow the 4 year plan for your major. There is some flexibility in choosing the time/section of a certain class but to say that you have the ability to change any or all classes doesn’t even make much sense given that you have to declare at the time of applying. Tcnj is NOT a place for undecided students. That doesn’t mean you can’t change majors if you change your mind but you have to apply to change. Take a look at the college handbook for details.

Thanks, but I was asking about first year/first semester courses. I was told that TCNJ picks these, not the student. Is that true? If so, does the student have the option to change any of those TCNJ selected classes? Thanks.

No that isn’t true. You might have some choices to choose among, but it is not set in stone for you.

Look at the major you are in and see what the curriculum is for that. If you are pre-med, look at the curriculum for that.

As soon as you are able to sign up for classes…do so…you don’t want classes to fill up.

Yes, it is true. Once you declare your major and pay your deposit and such, you will also fill out a form that asks you which electives you would consider taking, and if I’m not mistaking you pick around 6. Typically, depending on your major, you will have two major classes and two elective classes. One of these electives will be your freshman seminar class, or FSP. These will be chosen for you, as to make sure your electives can fit around your major classes. You pick your own classes starting second semester.

So i think we are all correct…TCNJ gives you choices within certain academic areas and then among those you have chosen picks a schedule that works. So they don’t completely tell you what to take, but they don’t completely leave it open.