TCNJ Honors Housing for Freshman

Does anyone know how the TCNJ honors housing is? I wonder how the experience is versus being in the regular freshman dorms? This year the honors housing will be in Centennial. Due to my D’s requirements for her major, it looks like she needs to take the honors 1st year seminar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

My D is in Cent. Loves it. Hallmates are very focused and busy(Honors and Bonner scholars are there). She has made a lot of great friends and can’t imagine being anywhere else. She feels the Towers would have too many distractions.

Hi EandEsDad - glad to hear this about the honors dorms; thank you! Are her floormates freshman or is it mixed age? How does your D like the honors program?

She is actually not in the Honors program herself. She has several friends that are. We have not discussed it at legnth but her view is it is a lot of extra work for a small designation upon graduation. She doesn’t see the risk/benefit of it in the long run. Curious if there are any other opposing views.

EandEsDad- is your daughter a freshman in Centennial? If not, where did she live freshman year?

do freshman apply for honors? My son was accepted, deferred for a year and is now attending but had no idea
there even was a seprate honors program. He is a finance major, Act 32 gpa 3.8 and came from a very prestigous
prep school know for rigor of its academics.

Hi stones3 - the honors program invite to apply came with D’s acceptance letter, I think we received it in February
and I read that less than 10% of incoming freshman are invited to join. Here’s a link for more info:

thanks, we will have to follow up on that. Our child deferred his acceptance for a year , but had a 31 ACT(which equates to a 1380 SAT (mathand verbal only), and came from one of the most academically challenging schools in country where he did well but it was certainly much more demanding than most other HS.

@ stones3,

If you don’t get into honors it’s not the end of the world. I also went to one of the most academically challenging schoos in the country, #1/2 in NJ and top #30 in US with a 3.7 GPA and 32 ACT but was not admitted into honors. I attributed this to the fact b/c of the rigorous curriculum and other intelligent students I was not top 10% of my class. However, honor’s isn’t as prestigious as you make it out to be here you just have to take a couple honors courses. If it really means that much, your child could always apply after the first semester if he doesn’t receive it. I think you need like a 3.5 and 2 teacher recommendations. I didn’t even bother once I matriculated even though I was fairly confident I would have received it.

I don’t know if it makes a difference but my daughter had a 33 on the ACT and 34 if superscored. She also has 730 on Math II and 720 on Bio Subject tests. It looks like a lot of bright kids are attending, I hope the school can get more national recognition.

Did you get to tour the Honors Housing today, @JerseyMom5678 ? Looks pretty good to me.

Hi @bopper - I did see Centennial today and I agree. The room sizes are good and we liked the location. The only negative is the lack of the sink in the room,which the freshman dorms have. Maybe I met u there today. It was a well-run event.