TCNJ "Quest to Get to Know You Better" Importance?

Hey! I just recently applied to TCNJ and I’m trying to figure out how important the “Quest to Get to Know You Better” form on the portal is. Would filling it out affect admissions/merit aid in a significant way? Does anyone know?

It can help with admissions. Don’t expect to get any merit aid unless your SAT is in the minimum high 1300’s. My suggestion is just answer the questions honestly as to why you believe TCNJ is the place for you. You’ve already written your essay. This is an opportunity, instead of an interview, to let them get to know you so I don’t believe they are looking for highbrow prose, rather, just your sincere enthusiasm to attend TCNJ. I would suggest incorporating in your answers what made an impression on you about the school when you visited or what you’ve read online about TCNJ. If you’ve read my other posts, I’m a huge advocate of TCNJ, Rowan, Ramapo, Stockton and other instate or out of state publics With small classes and walkable contained campuses that are comparatively priced (NOT counting merit aid which requires min gpa) The most important decisions you need to make are 1) choosing a major that will afford job opportunities in the future and 2) Limiting debt. For instance, majoring in nursing at your instate public and limiting debt will, odds are, afford you more opportunity and a better income than going to Brown and majoring in psychology. Good luck! Tcnj is awesome

Definitely answer the questions. These aren’t more essays, though. Answer them conversationally, a few sentences to a paragraph. My daughter and I saw these as “fit” questions–do you really know enough about TCNJ to know it would be a good fit for you? Don’t stress them but, answer them in the next couple of weeks.