TCNJ-The College of New Jersey-RD-CLASS OF 2024

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long! Good luck to all.

Any idea when RD applicants are notified?

Last year, the first wave of acceptances started seemed to come out 2/4/2019.

@KeenEye my son got his decision tonight.

Decisions out. Accepted for Computer Science

Accepted to business. 1390 SAT 4.0 GPA, only $2k in merit per year, disappointed but grateful nonetheless

I know of someone with perfect ACT and top class rank that only got $5k a year, I believe $8k is the max

Did anybody’s decision say class of 2023?

is it the real one?

Everyone’s says class of 2023? Hope they fix it

Is it the real decision though?

where is the merit said?

Merit is stated in the letter. And yes this is the real decision

thank you!

S accepted. No merit. 1460, 4.25 gpa. My son last year 34 act, 4.3 gpa got 8k.

Ours says 2023 too haha. Merit aid was included in some of yours?

Hopefully they fix the year and give us a little more aid while they’re at it

are you in state or out of state?

In state

This is an interesting scenario because I assume they will have to update everyone’s decision to change the year. Curious to whether money will change for some people